Master Key Experience Week 19 – Winter

I’m in a slump.  This winter feels like it has lasted for the last twelve years.  I didn’t realize before this how much the seasons impact how I feel.  I keep telling myself that sunshine and warm weather are right around the corner…but then I turn the corner and it’s still cold, snowy, and grey.

Even the “do it now” mantra that prior to this could push me forward, is having little impact on me.  In all honesty, I just want to curl up in a ball, lie in bed, and sleep.  I’m not sure if my subconscious is putting up the fight of its life, or  I’m seriously just exhausted from the winter cold.

Being an empath, I soak up other people’s emotions like a sponge.  I started paying attention and realized that it’s not just me.  Everyone around me is ready for a change.

For the next week, I’m going back to a practice I made my son do years ago, before he went to bed.  Instead of nightly prayers, I’d ask him to tell me something that he was grateful for.  I’m still recognizing my gratitudes on the index cards each day…but additionally, I’m going to tell myself at least one more thing that I’m grateful for before I go to sleep each night.  Maybe stewing on that each night will make me wake with a fresh outlook.  And seriously, how much longer can this winter last?


2 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 19 – Winter

  1. Kelly,
    I totally understand what you mean. The Groundhog lied this year! It said an early Spring. I feel your pain, as I also look forward to Spring flowers, bees buzzing and birds singing again. I think it is a mixture of the bad, grey weather and your old blueprint trying to regain power over you. I’m feeling the same way. Your gratitude use is a great idea. I’ve been doing that at night when trying to fall asleep. It makes me feel better. I think if you just keep pushing through with gratitude, get plenty of sleep and water, then you’ll start feeling better and be able to focus on your new blueprint….the true you.
    Good luck my fellow member. 😀

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