Master Key Experience Week 24 – The Non-Judgmental Observer

Today my niece texted me a link to a story of a woman – or more accurately, a woman’s body – that was found  less than ten miles from her house.  The head, hands, and feet had all been cut off and the remainder of the body simply tossed near the water.  Along with the story was the mugshot of her boyfriend, the man accused of killing and dismembering her.

The pain that I felt was deep.  She was so young…so close to just beginning her adult life.  What right did he have to take her life?  Yes, I get it.  What really makes her up – her spirit – is always going to be there, but this lifetime, this chance to learn more spiritual lessons and move on to higher lessons is gone.

It’s situations like this and the growing hate that is seen in this country every day, that makes it a challenge to sit back and be a non-judgmental observer.  What does one do?  Simply ignore it and remain uninformed?  It seems to me that any emotion that someone feels is stemming from judgment.  You like it or you don’t, but either way have you not made a judgment call on your behalf to feel the way you feel?



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