Master Key Experience Week 10 – Television

A couple weeks ago I gave up television for a week as it was one of our planned services for the week.  I didn’t seem that difficult at the time.  I added a few more workouts in rotation.  I dedicated more time to planning the final project for another class I’m taking.  The time pretty much flew by.

This week I discovered what TV really means to me.  I’m still making sure to get those workouts in.  I’m knee deep in the final project.  But this week, I felt like I needed some TV time.  So I sit down in front of the TV and the first thing I felt was a rush of comfort…then about fifteen minutes later I felt guilty – that “you should really be doing something” feeling.

Comfort.  Looking back, I guess that makes sense.  Prior to this I went to sleep each night with the sleeper timer on the TV.  It wasn’t that I was watching or even directly listening to it.  But I would always have it on a show that had someone’s voice that I loved to hear.  A million years ago, when Vince McMahon hosted Monday Night Raw, I would look forward to Monday nights…not for the show as much as hearing that voice.  It was strong.  It was commanding.  To me, it was soothing…and I could fall asleep soooo easily.

So now that I know…what am I going to do to move forward?  I think it’s time to check out some podcasts or maybe audio books.  And actually be conscious of what’s on when the TV is on.  Since subby is always listening, it must be fed properly.


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