Master Key Experience Week 11 – The Snake

This week I was on Facebook and a friend posted a picture of this gigantic snake that had blood dripping down all over it.  The story that went along with it was that this guy had left his garage a little untidy.  A snake crawled in the garage and slithered over a saw that was on the floor.  Since the teeth of the saw were facing up, the snake cut itself.  To protect itself, it started wrapping itself around the saw and squeeze tighter and tighter, cutting itself deeper and deeper.  Bottom line, the snake ended up killing itself because it squeezed so tight that it cut itself into pieces.

I read the story a couple times.  The first time it was simply:  ewwww.  But the second time, it was more of a realization:  let it go.  Just let it go!

I’m getting better at letting things go – now quickly as things are happening – but some of those deep things that happened a million years ago are still hanging in there.  My challenge is clear:  free myself from these old hurts now so I can move forward & succeed.


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