Master Key Experience Week 13 – Strength

I am amazed at the strength of my subconscious.  I’ve pretty much always been health conscious.  I like to workout.  I get excited to each vegetables – I know…wierdo.  But I’ve never been what I’d consider to be “fit”.  I’ve never had the washboard abs that we all dreams about.  I’ve always been the chubby one.

I’ve been working with a trainer for the past 6 months.  I’ve had to re-prioritize a few things and am back to working out on my own.  While working with my trainer, I followed a low carb diet and it didn’t seem like a huge challenge.  I got up every day with intent that I was going to workout – lift, cardio, whatever needed to be done that day.

Yesterday I roasted a turkey…and since there were rolls in the freezer, I made them too.  My intent:  yes, you can have one roll.  My reality:  my subconscious outwitted me.  It started with the “OMG – this is amazing!” at the first bit of the roll.  And kept going through the “you’ve been doing the low carb thing for months now…you deserve this!  You really do”.  And finally ended with me lying in a big pile of guilt after about the fifth roll.

It outwitted me.  I caved.  Affirmation of health after affirmation of health and I still caved.

While I am disappointed, I am in awe of the strength of my subconscious.  It knows what it wants and it’s more than happy to play dirty to get it.  But just remember this:  now I know your tricks.


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