Master Key Experience Week 12 – End of Class

The Digital Audio class I’ve been taking ended this week.  I learned a ton and the final project:  What a Rush!

What I realized after I got home from class was that my old habits were trying to draw me back in.  I was diligent all through class about getting projects done prior to the deadlines.  I was diligent to stay on top of experimenting with the software.  It was energizing.  Upon walking out the building doors, all I felt was “you need some downtime.”  Watch a movie.  Take a nap.  Have a Diet Coke.  You deserve a break.

Most of the afternoon, my energy was simply gone.  Old habits.  I was a student for years and years.  The young years rewarded with the school year ending and getting that summer break to have fun day after day.  Even while working in high school and college, breaks still provided the rush of relief to have some downtime.  C’mon, who didn’t sleep in ’til noon on that first day after school was done?

My redeeming factor for the day:  Do It Now!  Because I had class in the morning, I was running late on services for the day.  Around 5pm-ish I made it to “Do It Now!” – which I am so grateful to say, broke my funk.  “Do It Now!” for me meant:  get off your ass and get to the gym…if you miss this workout you’ll be apt to miss another…do it now!!!

I was still tired and a little hazy, but I packed a bag and drove to the gym, repeating “Do It Now!” over and over again throughout the drive.  Walking through the door, the fog lifted.  Hit the treadmill and upped my time and sweat on the 15% incline.

That night was a win!  I’m still working on releasing the feelings of “you deserve a break” as they’ve been popping up.  It’s a process.


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